Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop contains a standardised antibacterial Manuka honey developed from Leptospermum sp for moderate to severe dry eye.


Suitable for:

  • Chronic Dry Eye
  • Blepharitis
  • Sore, irritated eyes and eyelids

Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop™ help stabilise the surface health of the eye from dry eye symptoms such as sore, irritated eyes and eyelids.


Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop assist the surface health of the eye by creating a microenvironment that supports healing and prevents further damage. When applied to the surface of the eye, Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop provide an environment that through low pH, acts on bacteria that may potentially colonise the traumatised surface.

Patients with tear deficiency and meibomian gland disease have an overgrowth of ocular flora. This overgrowth is thought to contribute to the tear film instability and ocular surface damage. Both topical and systemic antibiotics can significantly reduce the Colony Forming Units (CFUs) in eyes with chronic lid disease. With the increase of resistance among ocular pathogens (Cernak et al 2011),the efficacy of antibiotic therapeutic regimens is being reduced.

Application of Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop 3 times daily to the inferior conjunctival fornix can significantly reduce CFUs from baseline at month 1 in the eyelids of patients with dry eye caused by tear deficiency and/or meibomian gland disease.

Reduction of CFUs reduces the potential susceptibility of the dry eye patient to bacterial conjunctivitis and keratitis. The reduction in CFUs may also assist in improving the clinical symptoms of dry eye disease by reducing the production of certain bacterial lipases that are thought to hydrolyse meibomian gland lipids.

Albietz and Lenton also reported that the application of antibacterial Leptospermum sp honey (Manuka) was associated with signficant clinical improvements in dry eye and meibomian gland dysfunction. The only adverse effects noted with the use of Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop in the eye are stinging and redness. No serious adverse effects are noted.

INGREDIENTS (Patent pending)

Leptospermum sp Honey, Sodium Chloride, Benzoic Acid.

Benzoic acid is a widely used food preservative that is rapidly metabolised by the liver and found at naturally high levels in honey from Leptospermum sp. It has been chosen as the preferred preservative because of its long history of use, natural presence in honey and its preservative effectiveness in low pH solutions such as Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop.


  • Single patient use only
  • Serious conditions should be managed under the supervision of an eye care professional.
  • For any reaction other than transient stinging and redness, cease use and contact your eye care professional.
  • DO NOT use if you have a history of hypersensitivity or sensitive to honey, food gums, benzoate preservatives without seeking medical advice.
  • Do not instil whilst wearing contact lenses. Wait at least 30 minutes before inserting lenses.
  • Use by children aged less than 12 years should be on the advice of an eye care specialist or doctor.
  • Replace cap after use.
  • Before first use: check tamper ring is attached to cap base – remove cap and discard ring.
  • Discard 2 months after opening.


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Optimel Manuka+ Dry Eye Drop containing 98% honey are also available for more difficult conditions exclusively from your eye care specialist (Australia only).

Available from Pharmacy or your eye care specialist (Australia)