About Melcare Biomedical

About Us

Melcare Biomedical is a Life Science company with core competencies in the therapeutic use of honey.

Our products are designed to support and improve treatment outcomes in the areas of eye care, wound and skin care, nasal care and the symptoms of the common cold.

The incidence and prevalence of chronic disease is a leading cause of morbidity. At Melcare, we are experts in the therapeutic use of honey in products to help relieve some of the symptoms associated with chronic disease. Honeys from Australian and New Zealand Leptospermum spp, commonly called Manuka, a small native tree is favoured because of its well-studied composition and antibacterial activity. The honey used in every individual batch is traceable to the beekeepers and forest location of the Leptospermum spp plants that produce the nectar for the honey.

Melcare President, Anthony Moloney, has been a key driver in medical honey research since 1992. Early studies helped identify which plant species were most suitable for medical use. Mr Moloney then developed the Medihoney® brand and product range, which were commercialised by Australia’s Capilano Honey Ltd in 1999.

Melcare Biomedical continues to drive international research into the medical use of products developed around the therapeutic properties of honey. We also strongly support the broader medical use of honeys in developing countries through empowering them with local capability.

All honey products used by Melcare have been carefully screened and standardised to provide a consistent level of therapeutic benefit.

We’re here to help you on your wellness journey