About the Product

Healthy skin has a protective low pH barrier known as the acid mantel. The acid mantel protects the skin from microbes and allergens. It also helps preserve skin’s natural oils (sebum). Damaged can occur to the acid mantle through excessive washing, prolonged exposure to moisture (urine, wound fluids), mechanical action, burns or changes due to the body’s natural hormonal cycles.

Once the acid mantle is damaged, the skin is exposed to microbes and environmental allergens that may result in dermatitis, eczema, skin infections and other conditions.

The Manuka honey in Derma Care™ has a low pH that helps maintain the skins protective low pH barrier. Derma Care™ also contains Jojoba oil which is unique in its similarity to the skin’s natural sebum. Other ingredients in Derma Care provide antioxidant properties and stability for ease of use.