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Veterinary Care

Manuka Wound Gel

Melcare’s Manuka+™ Wound Gel is the primary dressing of choice for wound bed cleaning and protection. Providing the right microenvironment for the wound bed removes barriers to healing and stimulates the healing process.

Melcare’s Manuka+™ Wound Gel’s low pH and high osmotic potential also helps protect the wound from the contamination and colonisation by bacteria. It also rapidly deodorises wounds to help protect them from fly strike.

Melcare’s Manuka+™ Wound Gel is made from Leptospermum spp honey (80%), contains natural oils to protect wound margins and seaweed derived hydrocolloids to enhance honey’s properties as a wound dressing. The medical honey used is minimally heat treated to preserve its natural properties and irradiated to destroy bacterial spores.

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